Aisha’s (RA) pudding

One evening Aisha, the Mother of the Believers (RA), was praying in her home when a girl entered with a bowl in her hands. Aisha (RA) motioned for her to place it down on the mat near her while she finished praying. The girl put down the bowl and waited quietly for Aisha (RA) to finish.  

bowl-23501_640A hungry cat resting nearby saw the bowl be placed on the floor and was interested in what might be in it. She rose from her spot to see if it held anything tasty. Peering into the bowl she found that it was indeed filled with a yummy smelling pudding. She ate a little and then happily wandered off.

Aisha (RA), finished her prayer and sat down with the bowl of pudding and began to eat it. “Jazak’Allahkhairun for bringing me this wonderful pudding and send my thanks to your Miss.”

“You’re welcome Umm Aisha (RA), but are you going to eat that when the cat has eaten from it?” asked the girl.

““Yes, I’ll eat this because the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: ‘It is not unclean; A cat is one of those who lives with us.’” Explained Aishah (RA). Then she added: “I saw the Messenger of Allah (SAW) make wudu from the water left over by the cat.”

From this story, we learn:

  • Water a cat has drunk from is still clean enough to make wudu with; unless you see something unclean in it.
  • It is allowed to keep cats in your home.
  • You can share your pudding with your cat and mom or dad can’t yell at you for it because Aisha (RA) did so. Just don’t blame me if your parents give you a look of impending doom.
  • You can reuse a bowl that a cat has drunk from.
  • Cat’s rule…well, okay, maybe that’s just my opinion.


*Story based on the hadith recorded in Sahih Muslim.


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